job requirements:
1. Bachelor's or master's degree in electrical engineering, 2-5 years of ASIC/SoC verification experience, skilled use of UVM
2. Proficient in AMBA AHB/AXI/APB protocol, familiar with various common peripherals, such as I2C, UART, USB, etc.
3. Proficient in system Verilog and various Shell languages (Perl, csh, tcl, sh, etc)
4. Familiar with the design of HDL language, simulation tools and test platform, assembly language and C or C++, scripting language, etc.
5. Familiar with the microprocessor, DSP instruction set, and how to integrate the driver software into the SoC system
6. Experience in RTL design/modeling is preferred; experience in FPGA verification and chip verification is preferred
Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop various verification models and module-level verification components
2. Co-verification of MCU and RTL, including application software and firmware
3. FPGA verification and chip testing
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